If any individual or a firm is looking for guidance on interior design, their ultimate source is Worldecor. They are located in a convenient place in the heart of city - Manama. Alternatively, the design specialists visit the clients directly to provide them with the advice they seek, according to clients' basic and vital needs.

Though the client's requirements are topmost in the design agenda, professionals counsel the customers on possible options, alternative measures, in order to better arrive at what suits the available space, lighting, contiguous environment and intended use. A flexible, pragmatic approach to design has spelled success for Worldecor. Since design is naturally very much orientated in this region towards Arabian styles and its custom, concepts are created by professionals innately talented in Middle Eastern traditional or contemporary styling.

Nevertheless, some offices, business areas and or residential villas may call for designs that reflect a western or Asian conception, which Worldecor is fully capable in handling. Be it Arabian motif or the style of America, Europe or the sub-continent, the interior-design boutique examines fabrics, hues of colour, ceiling and wall coverings, types of furniture and furnishings to ensure that the scheme of things totally reflects the clients' needs. Generally, very refined sketches are developed which are usually watercolours with computer-graphics to demonstrate to the client what the result is going to be – depicting details of carpet, fabric and/or furniture texture.


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